Love of Siam is one of the best films that I ever saw. Because of the great actors that really play they role perfectly.

Here are the lines from the story that really stuck the viewers.

  • “maybe one day you can use it to show how you feel to others.” (grandma)
  • “as long as you love, you still have hope.” (ying)
  • “what if i choose one and you dont like it, you would be upset again?” (tong)
  • “choose what you think the best for yourself” (sunee)
  • “it’s better to love and be loved than never havin tried.” (tang/june)
  • “life always give us opportunities to start over after learning from our mistakes” (tang)
  • “i may not understand but you’d always be my bestfriend” (aex)
  • “i may not be with you as your boyfriend, but it doesnt mean that i dont love you.” (tong)
  • “everytime i see your love shining in mylife, i can see my destiny” (mew -kan lae kan)
  • kan lae kan (together forever)

So for those who havent the watch the film yet, its not too late to watch it now.