I’m 21 yrs old blogger, graphic artist from Bulacan, Philippines who is now practicing as an IT student in one of the computer school in the land.

How i start Blogging and Why?

I start my first blog in “blogspot.com” last year and i continue it at Friendster and Multiply. After long rest in Blogging network, i start again here at wordpress because my friend who is also a blogger and a photographer told me that blogging is a nice thing to do.

As a blogger I want to continue this to share my ideas and skills and to help other to open their minds to the topic that we encounter right now specially in our community.

I want to help people/reader to think that they have some task to do in our country. Just like other bloggers, we do this to help.

What I am during Offline?

I continue playing with the software Photoshop coz I am really fan of it, I also love to eat well most of us love that but unfortunately I didnt gain weight whatever or how much i eat. I love tv, movies, I spend too much time just infront of the television watching some films (indie and foreign). In school, you can reach me anywhere, I go to different places (different rooms) just to chat with my friends and to throw some jokes. In the house, sometimes I read novels, sometimes I doddle and most of the time I surf the net.

How will you contact me?

You may contact me thru YM, FS, Multiply and Facebook @